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Your first point of contact for WinPT should be through the mailing lists or the forum. You can view and subscribe to the WinPT mailing lists through the project website.

If you need to email us about WinPT, please contact the project leader at winpt at  
(you need to remove NOSPAM after the at-sign)

If you prefer encrypted mail, you use this OpenPGP key for encryption:  
pub 1536R/27F36D14 2003-12-08 Timo Schulz

Please remember that this is a non-profit project. There are limited resources available to answer questions. If you have a general question about encryption or GnuPG it is a good idea to visit the GnuPG website or check available forums about GPG and/or Cryptography to see if your question might be already answered there. They have a large amount of clear documentation online, and active support lists.  
You can help the project by contributing code, documentation, icons or translation.